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BZUM - TF-03-1counter. protection and accounting
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Are used in low - voltage networks 0,4kB for distribution and accounting of the electric power, provide protection against influence of climatic factors and against unauthorized access for users of electrical energy to them, for installation in them of the single - phase counter.
Group: Electricity supply meters
U-134 label square.
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Labels for the cable are intended for marking and the subsequent identification of wires, cables, pipes, the metalwork, etc. Marking is easily put with the usual ball pen or the pencil.
Group: Cable tags
Portable grounding ПЗРУ-1М 16mm for 1 kV switchgear
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Portable grounding is designed to protect electrical installations operating on disconnected live parts with a rated voltage of up to 1 kV from erroneously supplied or induced voltage in the absence of stationary grounding.
Group: Earthing
Clamp ram ПА 1
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ПА - 1 connecting die clamps are intended for connecting aluminum and steel - aluminum wires in the loops of anchor supports of overhead lines and for taps, as well as for fastening the loop of wires when anchored on pin insulators.
Group: Screw-die clamps
Dowel У656 3x25 (6 pcs)
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Designed for fixing electrical products to building structures made of concrete or brick.
Group: Dowels
Plug T-Pl 1ph. 16A. (rubber)
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Standard straight single - phase plug 1x16A with grounding Voltage - 220 - 240V Protection degree - IP44 Splash proof Black color Material - rubber Net / gross weight (g) - 50/54
Group: Plugs and Sockets
Holders of cables
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Holders of cables with a diameter of 26 - 45, 46 - 65 mm.
Group: Cable sealed ends
Phase relay ДПФ-ВС
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Phase failure relays are designed to protect electric motors that are powered by a three - phase AC network in the event of a voltage failure of one or two phases, or in case of voltage unbalance between phases, which can cause motor failure.
Group: Relays of phase control
Coils for ПМЛ –1 24 V
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AC coils for magnetic contactors of the ПМЛ series with rated currents: 10, 16, 25, 40, 63, 80, 100,125,160,250,400 A. The control coils of magnetic contactors are available for different types of voltage, which makes it possible to use them in various automation systems without additional...
Group: Starters
Push-button box IP65 ST22K1
In stock 
Our company offers for sale Push - button box IP65 ST22K1.
Group: Posts push-button
Metal seals
In stock 
Screw - on oil seal, Screw - in oil seal
Group: Omentums for electric cables and wires
Caps K5, K6 for insulators ШФ-20
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K5, K6 caps for insulators ШФ - 20
Group: Electrical insulators
In stock 
Group: Cable tensioner
Draw-out box
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Draw - out box У - 994, У - 995, У - 996
Group: Distributive boxes
Metal cases
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Metal cases
Group: Installation cabinets


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