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Ladder relay РЧ-611
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Purpose: staircase relay RF - 611 is designed to keep the lighting of staircases, corridors and other objects on for a certain period of time.
Group: Ladder relay
Voltage relay ДПФ-3 1ph 1P 16A 150-210V 230-260V to 600V
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Voltage relay DPF - 3 is designed to control the voltage level of the network and to protect electrical devices from dangerous increases and decreases.
Group: Relays of voltage control
Contact attachment PKL-11 (1no + 1nc)
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Contact attachments PKL are designed to increase the number of auxiliary contacts. Each of the contactors can be equipped with a 2 - or 4 - contact attachment with a different set of break and make contacts.
Group: Contact time prefixes
Fuse ПКН 011-10 У3 (54*218)
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The PKN - 011 - 10 fuse is used to protect voltage transformers; it can also be used for circuits with a rated voltage of 3 and 10 kV. Fuse ПКН 011 - 10.
Group: High-voltage safety locks
Profile Z-shaped K241 2m
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Zeta perforated steel assembly profile is designed for the manufacture of various structures during electrical work.
Group: Profile made of MDF
Box У-409 3 inputs. IP65
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Electrical wiring products. Distribution box.
Group: Distributive boxes
Tray НЛ 40-П1,87 У3 2m.
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Ladder trays of the NL series are designed for laying cable routes (systems) for various purposes, subject to the rules for the construction of these systems. They are made of galvanized or cold - rolled steel grade 08ps.
Group: Chutes for cables
Scissors НС-2М
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Designed for cutting wires and cables with copper and aluminum conductors, including armored ones.
Group: Scissors sector
Dielectric screwdriver 1000V (+) PH 1 * 80mm
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General characteristics Electrotechnical screwdriver PH1 х 80 1000 V
Group: Electroscrew-drivers
Perforated corner УП 60*40 2m К237 galvanized
In stock 
Designed for the manufacture of various types of metal structures and for attaching cables, pipes and various electrical equipment to them.
Group: Perforated L-bars
Cartridge holder А144.03.01
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The holder is intended for completing the А - 144 У3 fuse - switch unit, which is installed in the power box ЯБ ПВУ - 1 МУ3Б.
Group: Electric blocks of safety locks
Perforated channel 60 * 35 2m K235 galvanized
In stock 
Perforated channels are intended for use as load - bearing elements for laying cable routes and hanging lamps. They can also be used for laying ventilation, air conditioning and water supply systems. Perforated channel connectors and covers are available. Read completely at: http: //spb. pulscen....
Group: Channel bars
Dielectric latex gloves
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Dielectric latex gloves Seamless dielectric gloves are used in electrical installations as additional electrical protective equipment and are designed to protect workers from electric shock up to 1000 V.
Group: Gloves, insulating
Strip K-202U2 20x3 2m.
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The strips are intended for the manufacture of various types of structures in the production of electrical work.
Group: Metal strips
Shelf K-1160 galvanized U3 L = 17cm
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To attach the K1160 cable shelf to the K1150, K1151, K1152, K1153, K1154, K1155 cable rack, the shelf shank is inserted into the rack hole, after which its tongue is turned by 90 ° with the K1156 key. This provides an electrical connection between the shelf and the rack.
Group: Shelf for cables


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