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Socket T-Pl panel (small) straight 1ph. 16A.
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1x16A Wall socket with cup (rubber) Black colour Material: rubber Weight: 108g Protection degree: IP 44
Group: Plugs and Sockets
Control relay РЧ-417 star-delta
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The control relay RF - 417 is used to control the contactor switching system "star - delta". Two power options in one device: 220 V 50 Hz or 24 V AC or DC voltage
Group: Control relays
Current relay РС-619 0.6-16 A. 0.5-10 sec
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Current relays are designed to monitor the current strength in the measured circuits.
Group: Current control relays
Oil seal У-667 (⌀ 22-32) screw-on
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Screw - on glands are used to seal the points of entry of wires and cables into the sheaths of electrical products. Screw - on glands are made of aluminum alloy, degree of protection IP65. Screw - on glands are installed in the holes of electrical products with a wall no more than 5 mm thick.
Group: Calniks
RPS-630 switch (left)
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The switch RPS - 6 (630A) is used to pass rated currents or on - off without load in electrical circuits and circuits with a rated voltage of up to 500V AC with a frequency of 50Hz.
Group: Electrical knife-switches
Bracket K1157 galvanized
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Bracket K - 1157 (for cable trays) is used for fastening cable racks by welding or by shooting in to embedded parts.
Group: Cable clips
Counter 3ph E230 ZMR A110ACe 3 * 230/400 5-120a
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Three - phase multifunctional electricity meter E230 ZMR 110 CR made (Switzerland). It can be used for measurements in single - phase networks (only phase and neutral), two - phase networks (only two phases and neutral), three - phase networks with or without neutral, three - phase three - wire...
Group: Electricity supply meters
Starter ПМЛ 1110 coil 220V B series
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The PML - 1110 contactor is non - reversible in a shell, without a thermal relay, with a degree of protection IP54, with an alternating current of the control circuit.
Group: Contact time prefixes
Discharger РВН-0,5
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RVN - 0.5 arresters are intended for protection against atmospheric overvoltage of the insulation of AC electrical equipment with a frequency of 50 and 60 Hz. They are made for networks with any neutral grounding system.
Group: Spark gaps
Discharger РВО-10 У1
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The increased reliability and durability of the arrester is ensured by mica - plastic gaskets installed instead of syntoflex ones. These gaskets can withstand temperature extremes four times that of their predecessors. Thus, the mica - plastic gaskets ensure the integrity of the brass elements of...
Group: Valve spark gaps
Switch-rail E3 NH-La-Lei 1 3P V2N 250А.
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Protection devices in low voltage distribution cabinets of transformer substations; Protection devices for supply or outgoing cable lines; Load switch, main switch. CONSTRUCTION NH series fuse rails are designed to meet modern requirements on the basis of high quality insulating and conductive...
Group: Safety locks
Disconnector РВ-10/630-С
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Three - pole disconnectors RV - 10/630 with a drive Disconnectors RV - 10/630 UHL2 for indoor installation are intended for: to disconnect and turn on under voltage sections of the high voltage electrical circuit in the absence of load current and to change the connection diagram; to ensure the...
Group: Disconnectors
Time relay РЧ-520
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The RF - 520 time relay is designed to transmit commands from one electrical circuit to the second circuit with a predetermined delay. It is used to control industrial and household automation devices, ventilation, heating, lighting, signaling.
Group: The relay
Switch-rail E3 NH-La-Lei 3 1P Pr L6 630А. right
In stock 
NH series fuse rails completely replace the conventional circuit breaker, cables and fuse holders.
Group: Safety locks
Relay automatic light sensor. electronic АС-122гз уни
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The relay AC - 122gz uni (AZ - B UNI) must be placed in a place with constant access to natural light, which, by changing its own intensity, will turn on and off the lighting. The user can set the moment of switching on the light with a potentiometer. Turn towards the "Moon" - turn on the lighting...
Group: Relays for twilight


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