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Switch of turn-push
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are intended for management of inclusion and switching off of single - phase devices, and also for regulation of speed of rotation of single - phase electric motors of fans. Are used by the manufacturing companies in modern household appliances
Group: Control systems for electric drive and electromotor
Tire copper
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tire copper different sections
Group: Wires, veins and trunks not isolated
Package switches
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Group: Switches
Fire announcer 1ZK 1RK hammer
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Fire announcer 1ZK 1RK hammer
Group: Fire detectors
LZ 2*240/35/16 plug
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LZ 2 * 240/35/16 plug. Connection of 2 veins to 240 mm. kv.
Group: Connections contact electric
PBH-0,5 У1 discharger
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PBH - 0,5 У1 discharger
Group: Devices electric on voltage up to 1000 V
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Busbars are made of copper alloy of various purities, which can be identified using the marking of long products, in addition to this, the marking can be used to understand the main alloying elements and production features. You can find us on: MD 2023 Chisinau str. Uzinelor 60 tel: 022 - 47 - 34 -...
Group: Aluminium bar
Temperature regulators
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To control and maintain a given temperature regime by turning on / off the heating (cooling) installation according to signals from an external temperature sensor: in rooms, vegetable stores, water heating systems, etc. , and also as a component in automation devices. RELAY TEMPERATURE REGULATOR RT...
Group: Devices and automation equipment
Low voltage capacitors
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Under normal operating conditions, some electrical devices (electric motors, welding machines, fluorescent lamps) consume not only active energy, but also reactive energy from the network. It is inevitable, from the point of view of the physics of the process, to ensure the correct functioning of...
Group: Electric capacitors
Panel voltage digital indicator 3-ph DMV-3T
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Digital voltage indicator in panel - mounted design. Purpose: the digital voltage indicator DMV - 3T is used to continuously display the voltage value in a three - phase AC network on the display in accordance with the actual voltage in the network.
Group: Voltage indicators
Switchboard digital current indicator 1-ph DMA-1T
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Additional Information: Voltage: 230V IP: 20 Characteristics: Single - phase, with external current transformers; dimensions 72x72x92mm, panel (board) mounting.
Group: Voltage indicators
Bar ШО-1 L = 706
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Designed for operational work in electrical installations of direct current, alternating current with voltage up to 1 kV and a frequency of 50 Hz. It is used to open and close single - pole disconnectors. The design of the working part of the rod allows for reliable fastening of interchangeable...
Group: Insulating sticks
DDE-3 cabinet type 10
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DDE - 3 cabinet type 10 Metering and distribution cabinets  
Group: Electrical boards metering
Switchboard digital voltage indicator 1-ph DMV-1T
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Switchboard digital voltage indicator Purpose: digital voltage indicator DMV - 1T is used to continuously display the voltage value in a single - phase AC network on the display in accordance with the actual voltage in the network.
Group: Devices of digital indication (DDI)
Voltage relay ДПФ-4м 3f
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Voltage relays are designed to control the voltage level of the network and protect electrical devices from dangerous voltage surges beyond the established limits. Adapted for mounting on a DIN rail in switchboards.
Group: Three-phase voltage relay


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